How can I love?

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How can I love?

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Last night we started our Bible Meditations Challenge!  If you haven’t gotten the challenge card don’t wait till Sunday.  Contact Pastor Parkin immediately, via email or text, to see how you can get the challenge started right away.  All those who get at least 175 points each week will be invited to our March Madness Championship Event (Pizza, games, prizes, and Basketball on TV) for FREE!!!!  Don’t miss this chance to save your money and learn more about God at the same time!

Also, if you missed it last night:

TCYG has a March Madness Bracket @ Go to the site, create an account (email required) and search for the group “TCYG” and enter the password “TCYG2017” and make your bracket.  This site closed brackets tomorrow @11am.  So Hurry!!!!





Alright, the reason you opened the blog: How can I love?

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 sets forth the Prime Directive for God’s Children: Love God!  This talking about how you feel, what you think, and what you do! (see verse 5).  Love can be a very tricky word to use and even harder to identify in others, so how are you supposed to love God is invisible?

In verses 6-13 the Lord lays out two Things to do, two tasks to work on, two job to execute.  As you do these two things, everyone will know you love, and that you love God the mostest!

  1. Teach God’s Word 6-9
    • Know what God has said so well, that you can teach it to others
    • Know what God has said so well, that your family believes you
  2. Remember God’s Works 10-13
    • Remember when God did what He promised
    • Remember when God did more that what He promised
    • Remember when God gave you redemption

If you love, and love God first, we’ll know by Who you talk about and What you say.


Looking forward to seeing everyone for the AIG conference this weekend (Sunday/Monday).  Try to make it to the Monday day sessions, you won’t regret it! (what’s a little make up homework, right?)

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