Bible Meditation Challenge

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Bible Meditation Challenge

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Alright! – Proof that I’m keeping up daily with this challenge: (cuz I love God, and want to save $10)

Day 2: 1/2 done, I’m planning on sharing the verse tonight!

Day 3: Got to share the verse at Caleb’s Kin!

Day 4: Talked with several of you at church, but no one signed my paper!  Gotta find a Sponsor quick!!!

Day 5: Connected with a friend from many years ago, Troy H, and got him to sign my card!  Very excited to see several of you at the AIG sessions this morning.  Don’t forget about the last two sessions tonight at 6:30 and 8pm.

As you can see, I forgot to get my signature yesterday… I did talk with Daniel, and will ask him to initial it tonight for yesterday 🙂

Day 6: Can you believe that I’ve talked with three people about our verse today, and I didn’t get one of them to sign it!  Ugh…  Well, I’ll go find a fourth before the day is over.

I’ll update tomorrow…

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