May 2017

Yesterday on Sunday May 7th we looked at the last topic of five in our sermon series dealing with “BEING ALL IN FOR 2017.” The sermon included many details that several individuals commented that they had missed. The main outline is included here and I’ve included a link to a PDF of all the sermon notes for those interested. Download PDF of Sermon Outline. ARE WE “ALL IN” FOR THE FUTURE IN 2017 SERIES INTRODUCTION “Only fear the LORD,......

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February 23, 2017

The Need for Being “ALL IN”

The prophets and apostles died giving testimony to the LORD and His character. One might think that an invitation for the redeemed to be “ALL IN” would be unnecessary, but that is not the case....

February 23, 2017

“ALL IN for 2017”

Several individuals have suggested we post some thoughts from our sermons for reflection throughout the week. That really is a good idea. I have myself sat through a few too many sermons where I lost...

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